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Knowledgeable legal guidance at the right moment can be critical to your success. With so much on the line, you need an attorney with real-world business acumen. My law firm, Mark R. Slough PLLC, offers clients from Texas and the surrounding areas a competitive advantage for contracts, business formation, and legal, employment and commercial issues. With decades of legal practice and experience as a banking executive and CEO, I deliver detailed advice tailored to your needs and goals.

Knowledgeable advocate tailors solutions to clients’ needs

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter ’tis the difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning.” Mark Twain

Choosing the correct word or taking the proper action might have enormous consequences, even if the benefit isn’t realized until years later. Over more than two decades as an attorney, I have taken great care to make a positive difference for my clients by using precise language and tested negotiation skills to:

  • Define Relationships — In contract discussions and other transactional matters, I work diligently to protect my clients’ interests and establish an honest, professional relationship between the parties. Based on my legal and business background, I can anticipate and address situations that might occur down the road.
  • Develop Sound Strategies — Whether you’re engaged in a negotiation over employment terms or looking to launch a new operation, my firm creates a detailed plan designed to accomplish your objectives. As a seasoned attorney who also has finance and business administration degrees, I’ll provide a comprehensive overview of your options and opportunities.
  • Avert Disputes — Businesses and individuals have serious demands on their time and resources and don’t want to get caught up in costly legal disputes. By establishing agreements that set forth clear terms regarding how various contingencies should be handled, my firm can help you avert unnecessary litigation.

I am also affiliated with the law firm of Kaplan & Moon, PLLC, which allows my clients to capitalize on the additional resources and diverse skill sets of other  attorneys who focus on different areas of the law, such as business litigation, personal injury, real estate, wills and estates and commercial debt collections. Through my co-counsel relationship with Kaplan & Moon, PLLC, I can provide advice and counsel on most any legal issue.

Thorough lawyer represents businesses and individuals

My firm handles various business law and professional concerns, including:

  • Business and Commercial Matters — For business or commercial law, my strong business acumen gained as a financial institution vice president and CEO of a privately funded company provides insight that goes beyond standard legal analysis.
  • Contract Development, Negotiation and Analysis — A well-crafted and thought out agreement serves to limit disputes between parties down the road. During contract creation and negotiation, I explain your rights, options and obligations under each version of a proposed agreement. For existing contracts, I provide detailed analysis so you can proceed with confidence.
  • Business Formation — I assist entrepreneurs, small business owners, closely held businesses and others with business formation and organization matters.
  • Employment Issues — Individuals and companies trust me for sound advice when drafting and negotiating employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements and independent contractor agreements.
  • Sports Law — As a sports law attorney, I represent college and professional coaches nationwide in contract negotiations and other situations relating to their career advancement. I also work with college athletes during the agent selection process and when eligibility issues arise.

Whatever your specific concern, my firm will simplify complex issues and avoid unnecessary problems.

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Mark R. Slough PLLC in Dallas, Texas handles contract, business and employment related matters. Call 972-598-9503 or contact me online for a consultation.

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